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Writer's Block: If I could find my way

If you could turn back time, how far back would you go?

I would go back to my junior year of high school.

You have to see this video....

I was in tears when the story was on, but the end result made me so proud of our troops...this should never happen to children.  (graphic images)


Anna Nicole Smith...not Marilyn Monroe!

I'm so sick and tired of the news running nothing but footage of the whole Anna Nicole Smith death.  One of the morons on Fox News called her "our Princess Di."  WTF!!!  Seriously, is the news so lacking that this has become our main topic?  The media is making shit up as they go along with the store...who's the daddy?...who was she really sleeping with?...did her lawyer killed her?...dear God.  I can see it happening...they are going to turn a no talent, gold digging, weight fluctuating has been Playboy model into the next Marilyn Monroe.  Yeah, they are both blonde, and she's been compared to her when she was alive, they are even both in their late 30's when they died, but come on?

The Daily Show summed it up the best:


Let the woman rest in peace already!

Movies, Movies...Last King of Scotland

So you've heard it before.."haven't posted in a while."  Yeah, yeah, I don't know why, but I've just been feeling like life wasn't worth journaling about for a while...but alas, it is award season, and the Superbowl of the them all, my beloved Oscars.  

Now, to my first review of an Oscar nominated pic (for BEST ACTOR - FOREST WHITAKER):

The Last King of Scotland

I went to see this one alone because our stupid theater wouldn't show it, I had to go the UNL campus theater to see it (where most of the independent films go).  I wish I had gone with someone because I was so disturbed by it that I wanted to talk to someone about it...first to praise Forest Whitaker for his performance and how he is so deserving of the Oscar, but also to talk about the imagry in the film.

It starts out with Mr. Thumnnus from Chronicles of Narnia himself, James McAvoy (Ewan McGregor, Jr) as a bored graduate who decides to leave Scotland to find adventure letting his finger point to his destination on a spinning globe.  Thus began this lad's fictional journey among the real life of Ugandan President Idi Amin.  Even though the character of Nicholas Garrigan wasn't real, all the real things President Amin did, or was rumored to do, was woven into the story.  It was graphic (yet necessary to really comprehend his madness and ego), and I found myself having that same feeling I had when I saw Hotel Rowanda.

After going home and reading about the real Amin, and all the things he REALLY did, the movie just scratched the surface...he was actully worse.  It was so worth watching...and in one scene when Forest Whitaker looks into the camera, sheds a single tear for Garrigan (after hanging him up by his skin using hooks), showing that he was guilt-ridden and unrepentant at the same time, it sealed the deal for my choice for best actor this year.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all my buds....I have a feeling this coming new year will be a good one, at least I intend to make it so.  No more feeling sorry for myself or crappy about life, I'm going to be making some changes and not be so trusting in people (was burned a few times this year with that).  After 1 1/2 years of suffering with behavioral issues, I have finally given in and put my youngest daughter on medication.  Just half a pill to calm her down, and I honestly don't know why I didn't do it sooner.  There is a complete turn around, and I've been so much happier...the stress off of me and the hubby has come off already.  Big ups to the makers of Respirdal.

Have been neglectful in my journaling....

  • ..and I feel really bad about it too.  I love the whole feeling of Christmas, but I must say, I'm kind of glad it's over with.  I told the kids that we should celebrate Christmas on the 27th of the year, that way they get double the gifts cause everything is half the price.  I always save a little something to spend after Christmas to get stuff to add to my tree for next year since it is all 75% off.

    Husband let me down in the gift department again, but that is no real surprise, and I always make sure I get something for myself to make up for it, but it would be nice to just once have him put some thought into it.  I got some really great gifts from friends this year...with tons of thought.  I think I am really easy to shop for, but I was really surprised by some of the detail that went into some of the things I got.

    One item in particular, just by looking at it, any other person wouldn't know why I have it, but for me it has thought to it, and reminds me of the person who gave it to me, so creative and lovely among all the other lovely things that were with it.  I love getting a box of little surprises. <Thanks V>

    I got a plastic tub that says popcorn on it filled with 2 DVD's, Little Miss Sunshine and Lady in the Water, popcorn, Goobers, Crunch N Munch, Dots, and Cherry flavored packs of Pop Tarts (My friend Kate goes across the street to get us all treats at the convenience store, and I always ask for cherry Pop Tarts for my breakfast in the late morning hours, and the fact that she lined this thing with packs of them was such a nice touch). 

    Computer software called The Movies where I can be my own studio head and create a movie, run the studio, cast actors...sounds like fun, and again, these folks know I love movies.

    One of my supervisors gave me a nice size Tupperware container cause she knows I bring my own leftovers to work.  There was also a sample of Clorox wipes in there cause my leftovers generally tend to blow up in the microwave and it was her little inside joke to me...love it.

    Bath and Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom body wash and body spray...because my friend says she knows when I have arrived cause it permeates around the office, and she loves the smell.  I think she even bought some for herself.  I need to stock up on this scent, cause I know Bath and Body Works likes to have scents stick around for a little bit and then go away.  I bought Love Spell from Victoria's Secret because one of the Deputies wears it and it smells so good on her, but not so much on me...and since I bought 6 different types of washes/lotions (they were on sale) I increased her inventory of the scent.

    On the gift giving note, I made a SURVIVAL KIT of sorts for a co-worker who has been called up to got to Iraq.  I got one of those Rubbermaid totes with a handle and put the following inside...(helpful to go to Target because they have trial sizes of everything):
  • Emergency roll of toilet paper (Charmin trial size, really cute)
  • Toothbrush with toothpaste
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Deodorant
  • Q-Tips
  • Body Wash
  • Shampoo/Conditioner
  • Disposable camera w/flash and a zip log bag over it to make sure sand doesn't get in it
  • Hairspray and camo-scrunchi (cause you military gals wear your hair slicked back)
  • Nail kit (cause your nails should still look good, and face it, there will be down time)
  • Stationary (also for that down time)
  • Ghiradeli chocolate (cause I'm sure they don't have this in Iraq, also good as a trade)
  • ..and a little memory chip to fit in her MP3 player (have to find out which one they use) that holds about 100 songs.  I even added a whole comedy act in there by Jim Gaffigan and some Mitch Hedberg to make her laugh while she was out there.  She can put it in a computer to delete as she pleases).

Label the kit as "SOLDIERS SURVIVAL KIT".  She loved it and the thought I put into it...that is now 3 friends and one brother-in-law who have been subjected to this war...and I'm finding it quite depressing.

Pics and kids gifts in next entry...will try not to be so neglectful in the future..New Year's Resolution #1.

Fergalicicous - Fergie (Feat. Will.I.Am)

For Victoria..and maybe Theresa..I know how you'll love the costumes:)

Hate life

I hate my job
I hate where I live
I hate who I'm married to
I hate friends who are mad at you because you chose to be friends with someone they don't like
I hate new employees who ask for your help but then turn around and do what they want anyway
I hate fat
I hate cooking dinner for 6 fucking people every night..even just heating shit up
I hate responsibility
I hate cleaning knowing that it's going to turn right back to shit within hours
I hate being sick
I hate being sick because I caught it from the kids
I hate when the kids don't listen
I hate when the kids talk back
..I honestly hate being a mother right now.

I just want to be fucking alone and be somewhere else.

I had to post private prior to this post because I was way meaner...I think I'm depressed.  I usually love the fall season, but all the negativity around me is bringing me down with it.

Halloween 2006

Finally have time to post about Halloween, here are Amari and Sanaya playing it safe as a princess and care bear:

Alex always picks something good, and this year he wanted to be a penguin.  You can't tell by looking at the outfit, but it was the most expensive (it has feet to it to, not pictured):

..and my fave...a$$hole on Ebay was selling everything I needed for this outfit, so I purchased 3 different auctions from him.  He emails me 5 days before Halloween to tell me that he shouldn't have put the auctions up because he didn't have the inventory.  I got what I could and made the what I couldn't find,except the hat.  This is Capt. Jack Sparrow from the sequel to Pirates:

My husband likes to dress up and try to scare the kids when they come to the door, he has a fog machine and strobe light going, but on one occasion, he fell asleep on the stairs waiting for kids to come by, so he wasn't that scary:

The collection was nice, and the kids all traded for their faves, so their were piles of candy everywhere (between my 4 kids and the 2 neighbor kids):

After walking for 4 hours and a little bit of a sugar rush, Alex tuckered out:

...and I was still cold from taking them out, it was 40 degrees:

I think next year I will have their dad take them out.

Happy the elections are over...

..and I'm glad the Dem's took the house, but now...please, don't fuck it up!

We had a guy running using his own money, and that was the platform he was going on "I don't take handouts".  He does one ad with cartoon turkeys, lost his lead, and had his ass handed to him today.  Pete Rickettes...loser, but could pass as Freddy Krueger's brother.