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Let's Hug It Out Bitch!

Telling it like it is....

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Date Created:06-07-04
Number of Posts: 369

Samantha is LiveJournal's tightend. Dangerously liberal living amongst the conservative in the midwest. Born to be in Hollywood, but realistically trapped in the family life....this gal will tell it to you straight, and accept all for who they are.
Strengths: Outgoing, humerous, caring, quick to learn
Weaknesses: Impatient, food, cryptonite
Special Skills: Movie knowledge, if there were a hollywood version of Jeapordy - I'd be the Ken Jennings!
Weapons: Pulsating vaginal wall
Pet Peeves: Pop stars acting, people smoking while I'm eating, airheads, homewreckers, lying politicians, people who don't stick up for themselves, inequality.

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